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With the help of an expert and versatile team that masters the economic workings of several sectors of activity, YIRIWA I.C advises and supports investors, entrepreneurs and public decision-makers in their contribution to economic development through the maximization of business growth.

Rich in international professional experience, the team is open to the world thanks to its connections with partners in Africa, Europe and America. We work in Bambara, French, English and Spanish. 

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Our Services

Access to new markets and develop business partnerships
Yiriwa Intercontinental Consulting (Yiriwa I.C) is a firm that advises investors on opportunities...
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Local networking through club Yiriwa (only in Mali)
Club Yiriwa is a network that connects companies established in Mali to promote their interests
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Public Relations
The Yiriwa team has a wide network based on a relationship of trust with the public authorities.
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Funding your Projects
We facilitate the work for entrepreneurs and investors by promoting the meeting between the right project and the right investor.
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Thanks to our various partners, we offer training adapted to the needs of the customer
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          Meeting of key players in the women's

          9 months after the end of the “African Policy Dialogue” (APD) program in Mali which resulted

          Organizations that trust us